Why do I say crazy vitiligo is not contagious

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  vitiligo contagious distress caused to the patient is very large, a lot of people because of this one factor, but the patient alienation, discrimination, exclusion, which produced a series of patients with psychological damage is very large.
  一般,很多人在路上看见脸上长白斑的人,都会不自觉得拉远距离,因为那白斑看起来很恐怖,像是皮肤病,而很多皮肤病是传染的,像疥疮、水痘、风疹、麻疹、传染性软疣等等皮肤病都是传染的,大家都害怕被传染。但其实脸上长白斑是因为得了白癜风白癜风秘方疾病,那why do i say crazy vitiligo is not contagious?被有白癜风的人亲吻皮肤会长白斑吗?
  传染的方式1、normally, vitiligo is actually because of local skin pigmentation appeared metabolic disorder, which leads to the local skin damage. for vitiligo disease, its incidence is neither the source of infection, but also no pathogens, which we can easily see, had vitiligo, do not worry about this issue, it is itself and nothing contagious.

  白癜风传染不可信无锡白癜风,我们可以一言以蔽之,随着科技的进步,我们还会找到更多的。 白癜风传染不可能发生的实际因素,彻底驳斥白癜风传染这一谣言,还医学界一个真相。