Physical contact will not be infected with white wind

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  there are many people in life who see patients with vitiligo white spots, is a disgust, fear and hate, fear and vitiligo vitiligo patients after exposure will be infected, and always will be far dodging patients with vitiligo. the psychology of these patients with vitiligo brought deeply hurt.
  physical contact will not be infected with white windvitiligo is a primary disease, lives with the disease is difficult to cure, the disease is a very stubborn disease, so we should pay more attention to the disease, because of negligence brought us to avoid the impact of life suffers from vitiligo contagious it? us take a look.

  vitiligo patients can marriage and child rearing, but parents should be concerned about their child childhood began eating habits, life, study, do work and rest, avoid sun exposure and reduce the psychological burden or risk of disease will be greatly reduced. vitiligo is transmitted to the child, majority want to enter only appear after puberty and even middle-aged, it is difficult to grasp at an early stage which family members may inherit the disease. but also with a view of pregnant women during pregnancy through a balanced diet can effectively reduce the risk of infant morbidity future.
  physical contact will not be infected with white windvitiligo is contagious, and now friends of patients have the answer right, a general view of vitiligo inherited to the next generation the opportunity as much as other genetic diseases. lower probability of not more than 1-2%. emphasis on treatment as long as illness, symptomatic due to, do not abuse drugs can be effective in the prevention and treatment of this pigment disorder vitiligo skin!